Restaurant “Vila Gërmia” lies in National Park of Gërmia in Prishtina, there where all feel relaxed and there, where the stress doesn’t have place.

Established since sixties Restaurant “Vila Gërmia” is one of very first restaurants in Kosova, where with its tradition, of nearly 50 years, is still one of the most preferred restaurants for all citizens and also for all international and local VIP such as Presidents, Prime ministers, Ministers, Ambassadors etc. They all visit us and feel relaxed because a dedicated and professional staff directed by experts with local and international experience is looking after them.

Fast and professional service, fine food and always fresh, served and decorated with special taste, in warm family atmosphere, makes us the first choice for our guests and also makes their visit to remember.

Combined interior in between modern architecture and antique and not to crowded, makes this place special from the others, where the guests have a choice to choose from 3 rooms and 4 terraces their preferred place.

For these and other reasons Restaurant “Vila Gërmia” is one of the most preferred places for all whom are organizing diverse events like:

  • Bilateral meetings
  • Business meetings
  • Seminars Trainings
  • Solemn lunches and solemn dinners
  • Diverse parties etc.

Also you can host cocktail parties for up to 500 guests.

Our restaurant has 3 rooms:

  • Main room with winter balcony
  • Air-conditioned VIP salon with natural fire-place
  • Seminar room and
  • 4 terraces where the guests can choose in between sun or shades

Restaurant “Vila Gërmia” is open from 6:30am till midnight every day.